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Pickselverse celebrates the best in digital by picking websites, apps, and campaigns (e.g. digital works) for inspiration and recognition.

While this is a website and not an app, the concept of Pickselverse is to immerse the user in beautiful digital works. Thus, the design and build of Pickselverse is very much centered around creating an “app-like” experience. You’ll notice that on mobile devices, the sites snap into view for easy scrolling, much like you find in native apps like Tik-Tok. The site was created for mobile only and later we added some views for tablet and desktop. This build philosophy allowed us to deliver an app experience right in your browser.


Pickselverse launched in August 2022 by the good people at Rareview. Just like our agency, we have the utmost care and attention for quality over quantity. That takes precedence at Pickselverse.

Our aim is to publish one new works each day. We’re focused on digital works in (4) main categories, including:

You’ll find each site is only tagged with a single category. We use tags for other things. If you’re interested in only a single category, feel free to filter and spend hours looking through amazing works.


The future is not something we enter. The future is something we create.

Leonard I. Sweet

For the first iteration of Pickselverse we have created a directory. In its next coming, we anticipate building an awards and recognition section where we can celebrate, reward, and promote the “best-of-the-best.”

We hope to launch this in 2023.


Pickselverse is open to everyone and anyone. Designers, developers, product owners, companies, marketing people, agencies, studios, freelancers, students, and everyone in between. Send us your work please, we’d love to see it. We hope to feature it!