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It’s time to prove your agency’s got the chops. Submit your best work to the 1st Annual Pickselverse Awards and make “Agency of the Week, Month, or Year” your new tagline!

The Spotlight Awaits: PICKSELVERSE hunts down the web’s most compelling digital experiences. Think your website, app, or campaign could outshine the rest? Our judges are ready to handpick the next round of digital royalty, giving you the bragging rights you deserve.

Level Playing Field: We’re not about playing favorites with the big shots. Small teams, this is YOUR moment! No crazy entry hurdles or budget-busting fees – this is your chance to shine bright.

Built For You: We’re all about celebrating YOUR wins. Fairness for all, easy-as-pie submissions, and mega-watt bragging rights once you snag that award. Let’s make some noise!

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Entry Information
Ready to rock? Our entry system is lightning-fast, super simple, and ready for your awesomeness. Hit that entry form, fill it out, and boom – you’re in the running. Click here to enter.

For top-notch fairness, our judging magic happens in dedicated Pickselverse hubs right here in sunny Southern California. Our judges? Seasoned pros with an eye for the extraordinary. With so many amazing entries, give them time to work their magic!

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The Pickselverse Awards are your express pass to creative fame! We’re all about agencies, freelancers, brands, and companies who bring their A-game. Win, and score sweet badges, awards, and major visibility on TikTok, LinkedIn, and our site. This is how you show the world what you’re made of!